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Towing Vehicle Armour ( smart car )

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Towing Vehicle Cover

1x Pair of Towing Vehicle Armour, Two Individual Pisces Included.

This Product Is compatible with all Smart Car If in doubt and or would like more detailed information > Contact Us Here < 

Our Towing Vehicle Armour is specifically made from top quality material by top rated machines and tools used by our very own profound engineers, To ensure that this product will protect your property as well as it possibly can.

This Towing Vehicle Cover is Certified to dampen and absorb shock from most debris that flick back from the road surface whilst in transit of your Vehicle ensuring that the Vehicle you tow with your motor-home Does not get damaged, scratched  and or dented by flying debris from your Motor-home and the road surface. The materials we use are extremely strong, durable and highly rated.


  • Thick Padded, reflective polyester textile
  • densely packed cotton fibers 
These Materials do an excellent job of Protecting insulating your Vehicle don't wait to damage your Vehicle in Transit.
Fit the Best - Forget the Rest
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We offer a full refund to any customer that is dissatisfied with this product.