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Renault Mirror Cover ( White )
Renault Mirror Cover ( White )
Renault Mirror Cover ( White )
Renault Mirror Cover ( White )

Renault Mirror Cover ( White )

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Renault Motor-home Mirror Armour

1x pair of Renault Motor-home Mirror Armour, both Left and right mirror protectors included.

This product is compatible with a variety of Renault based motor-homes. please check pictures to compare. If in doubt and or would like more detailed information > Contact Us Here <

Our Mirror Armour is specifically made from top quality material by top rated machines and tools used by our very own profound engineers, To ensure that this product will protect your property as well as it possibly can.

These Mirror Protectors are Certified to withstand most hard impacts from nearly any object that has been hit, ensuring that your Motor-home Mirror's stays in one pieces and continues to function undamaged. They look great and will always look great as they are made from UV resistant materials, meaning they will never fade in the hot radiant sun.


  • Light Weight, Sturdy UV Resistant Acrylic capped ABS Plastic
  • Four 10mm ( self adhesive ) High Density Foam shock absorption pads
  • Thick rubber edged Trimming
These materials make Our Mirror Armour extremely sturdy, strong and resistant to shock, don't wait until you break Your mirror Purchase Now.
Fit the Best - Forget the Rest
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We offer a full refund to any customer that is dissatisfied with this product.